Yarn Ball String Light Covers for July 4th


Posted on June 22nd, 2014 in Crafts, Decorating. No Comments.

When I was in Paris a couple of years ago, I was enchanted by a little store called La Case de Cousin Paul. The store name was so cute, but what drew me in was the collection of multi-colored string globes they sold. They had them in all colors, and you could mix and match as you pleased. Of course, I saw all those string globes and thought, I could make these. Well, what I did for a recent eHow tutorial wasn’t exactly the same, but it was in the same spirit and just as adorable. I made red, white and blue ones for the 4th of July, and I’ll definitely be making them in other colors in the future. One day I’d like to go back to La Case de Cousin Paul to buy the real things. Nothing like going across the globe to buy more globes.yarnball10

For the eHow tutorial on how to make these, click here.

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